HAE Inspection

HAE Inspection is a requirement of IEC 60079-14, 17 and ATEX Directive 1999/92/EC to verify and ensure adequacy and integrity of installed equipment’s. Factory or Site inspections can be carried out to verify adequacy of installations based on verification dossier. The acceptance criteria will be based on approved Inspection & Test Plan in accordance with IEC60079-14 and 17 standards. We can also perform product inspections prior to shipment based on IEC60079 series standards.

As part of Hazardous Area Inspection Management, we are ready to support you for

  • Fine tune Hazardous Area Equipment Register at site
  • Maintain HAE Register at site
  • Prepare verification dossier
  • Plan inspection by close coordination with client and subcontractor
  • Conduct inspection
  • Resolve punch list items
  • Timely sign off relevant ITRs
  • Compile dossier.